Hotiday is the first hotel brand that takes unsold and unused rooms in your hotel and upgrades them with additional services and accessories, adapting them to the needs of digital nomads

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The innovative solution for hotels wishing to attract a new type of customer to their establishment!


Hotiday buys the hotel's unsold rooms (3 to 5) that are almost never used during the entire opening period


Hotiday pays before the start of the season and acquires your rooms for long periods of time (at least one year)


Hotiday resells rooms with the proprietary brand "Hotiday Hotels" and practices prices consistent with those of the structure


Join a network of certified facilities adding digital and innovative services for your customers

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With Hotiday, you have the opportunity to income even those rooms that are never occupied during the tourist season.

Use them to your advantage and receive an offer in seconds!

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Hotiday contracts for long periods of time that group of rooms that is on average not occupied and used during the opening period. These rooms represent a loss of income because they only generate revenue at times of full occupancy (100%).

Hotiday acquires the rooms for at least one year and pays for them in advance. The risk of management is Hotiday's alone, while the hotel turns unsold certain and guaranteed revenue.

Hotiday markets rooms on the own site and on the main OTAs under the proprietary brand "Hotiday Hotels"attracting a new target clientele to the facility by upgrading the rooms with customised services and accessories.

Hotiday contracts the room as a B&B, and any up-selling will be retained by the hotel. If the hotel so wishes, Hotiday will still sell its customers the option of half-board and full-board, passing the proceeds of the meal allowance on to the hotelier.

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What they say about us


Giammarco Giovannelli - Hotel Managing Director
An innovative model for the hotel industry that guarantees hotels the certain sale of certain rooms before the start of the tourist season. Super-recommended collaboration!


Angelo Tirolese - Hospitality Executive Consulting
Certainly a very convenient contract for a tourist facility that allows it to obtain liquidity from normally unsold rooms. Worth a try!